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Crystal Tais – Sign Here

Self made, self sufficient, singer, songwriter Crystal Tais hails from the United States but is originally from Trinidad. With musicians as parents, it seemed an innate desire for her to pursue music. She began with the keyboard at age 8 and went on to writing in her early teenage years. “…music,you know,it has always been a part of me”. Passionate about her writing, Tais honed her skills by experimenting with different genres and writing for some influential people.


By submitting demos, Crystal has caught the attention of prominent persons. Some of her most recent work includes the hook on a song by King Los. She is currently independent of any labels or writers’ camps. She mentioned a friend from London , Nyce who, thankfully, presented the opportunity to her and has been a driving force for some of her more recent opportunities


“This has just been based off of me making connections and people just liking who I am honestly, as a person and taking a chance on me…”.


“Sign Here” is the name of her newest single, produced by Jnthn Music and artwork by Lawrence L. Deacon. This was conceptualized based on the premise of being unconventional yet relatable. She wanted listeners to be mind blown by the lyrical content of her work. In the song she describes a female who she wasn’t equipped to handle. She wanted to send the ‘package’ back. The song is delivered using drill beats with a fierce flow which greatly complement the lyrics.



We can expect a lot of great work from Crystal Tais in the future. Something we all can learn from her song is don’t try to save people and lose yourself in the process.











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