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Leno Banton, Ayotemi and Kone Giving Summer Vibes


With summer 18 slowly ending, Leno Banton has teamed up with Nigerian singer Ayotemi and young Jamaican producer Kone to create another master piece entitled ‘Wata Baby’.
Released on August 3rd, the 2-minutes and 21 seconds track finds the young Banton calmly delivering his lyrics & persuading his ‘Wata Baby’ to join him on a flex to relax by the waters.
This is accompanied by the exceptional vocals of Ayotemi and Kone’s “technoesque” Afrobeat & Dancehall fusion instrumental.

The idea behind the song came about when Leno was playing a series of beats for Ayotemi, they got to this specific beat and that’s when the vocalist instantly freestyled the hook. “After
that, is like I took myself back to past relationships and experiences I had at rivers and beaches and I translated it and expressed how I see a ‘Wata Baby’ in her fullness”. Leno describes working with Ayotemi as a good vibe, “how fast everything came together, he didn’t even write anything. Everything was straight off the head and we recorded the entire song in one day”.


Leno Banton


When asked how he would describe himself musically, his response was, “I let people decide, cause my music is really just my feelings and you can’t really describe feelings with words, you just haffi feel it”. The cover art for ‘Wata Baby’ has model Thalia Howell and was shot by TinySunThing and was edited by Patrick Myrie and Khari Kamau. Visuals for ‘Wata Baby’ are
currently being edited and fans can be on the lookout for that, as well as visuals for other songs, performances with his newly formed band, The Light Speed and a project he expects to be released in 2019.

If the name Leno Banton is new to you, I encourage you to give his music a listen. He is not your typical Jamaican deejay. His lyrics and flows are effortless and his choice of instrumentals unique. I’m definitely looking forward to hearing great things from this young genius.

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