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Through The Lens with Joby The Photographer

We at Carib Voxx know how important imagery is. That’s why we’ve introduced a new series to feature the geniuses responsible for capturing visuals of Caribbean culture and lifestyle. This new weekly series called “Through The Lens” will give a platform to these creatives as they paint us a picture by giving the reasons behind some of their favorite shots.

Joby The Photographer:

I don’t just want to create, I want to bring to life my intrinsic values and artistic ways, combined with the depths of my mind and heart to bring forth a new but old art form, personified as Joby is. Not only that, I seek forth to challenge what the eyes see and the mind thinks. In the same way rearranging or revamping society’s status quo, new view, new vision, new reality.

Soul Gaze

@jobythephotographer | Soul Gaze ©

This is a studio portrait that turned out into something way more amazing after experimenting in Photoshop. I named this photo ‘Soul Gaze’ because of the stare and the intensity of the eyes in the subject’s face. The different colors running down the face represents the diverse aspects of each individual. When I look at this image I feel like its pulling me in, to know more, to understand more about me, as an individual, I feel like the eyes are staring into my soul.

Black History Month

@jobythephotographer ©

This photo is apart of a photo set I did for black history month last year, 2017. This shot was done in a studio, using a two light setup. This photo was to demonstrate how as black people, too many times we tear each other down instead of building each other up. The black race already has to deal with hate and opposition from different groups and institutions, we as a people should stop going against each other.

Randall Richard

@jobythephotographer | Randall Richard ©

This photo was not necessarily taken in a studio, but indoors with controlled natural and artificial lighting. I wanted a very striking but intimate portrait of this specific model, so I worked with a very soft lighting style juxtaposed with a ‘dead on’ stare to bring the photograph to life.


@jobythephotographer | Denyque ©

This photo was done for Teen Vybe Magazine. This portrait session was really about capturing the essence of who @thedenyque is, radiant and bubbly.








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