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Through The Lens with Omar McKay

We at Carib Voxx know how important imagery is. That’s why we’ve introduced a new series to feature the geniuses responsible for capturing visuals of Caribbean culture and lifestyle. This new weekly series called “Through The Lens” will give a platform to these creatives as they paint us a picture by giving the reasons behind some of their favorite shots.

Omar Mckay: 

Photography is a critical aspect of the society in which I live. Personally, in my body of work, the images must tell a fluid and cohesive story. I am inspired by the power that photographs hold. However, an image is capable of educating people using connotations, expressions, structures, semiotics and values, depending upon the perspective of these individuals. The central focus of my current body of work includes photographs taken mostly within the Kingston area. The attributes of my style or the photograph elements such as: color, form, texture, scale are an integral aspect of my work. Essentially, the overall goal is to use my camera as the main tool to identify the beauty and nature of photography- to better understand my reality, and to express my interpretation of the world around me.


The Fishing Lesson

@omie_dre_mckay | The Fishing Lesson ©

This photo allows me to reflect on my ongoing journey as a photographer. As I gazed at the sunset, a man was seen preparing his hook to start fishing, while conversing with his daughter. I asked permission to document the process and was given the go ahead. This photo is titled, “The Fishing Lesson” because her dad was teaching her the basics of being a good fisher. I documented the whole process and this one stood out the most.

Kingston City

@omie_dre_mckay | Kingston City ©

This photo titled “Kingston City” is highlighting the vibrancy of Kingston, Jamaica. This aerial shot was taken with my Sony Alpha a6500 15-55mm kit lens. I didn’t go out to take this photo specifically, but as I’ve stated earlier, in my work there exists this obsession with nature and being behind the camera. I love landscape and the beautiful architectural designs of the. buildings in our surroundings.


Beauty on the Horizon

@omie_dre_mckay | Beauty on the Horizon ©

Heading home after a long day of shooting, I decided to stop by Palisadoes strip to watch the sunset. As the sun goes down, I await the perfect moment to capture one of the most amazing scenes. I am passionate about nature photography; it is the visual aspect that reminds me of some of the most valuable moments in my life which I document on a daily basis. Everything on the face of the earth is beautiful, especially the sunset, hence the title, “Beauty and the Horizon”.


Beauty Beyond Figure

@omie_dre_mckay | Beauty Beyond Figure ©

The aim of this image was to use natural light to master the composition of the photo and to understand key concepts of photography. I chose a minimalistic approach just to highlight the natural beauty of the model herself. “Beauty Beyond Figure” is a photograph of a student of the Edna Manley College @dkay.alexis . The concept of the photo is to convey the message that every woman is beautiful in their own skin and it’s not always about physical appearances.


Simple Things

@omie_dre_mckay | Simple Things ©

This image reminds me of my childhood, especially growing up as a toddler who has always been fascinated with the outdoors. It also reminds me of a time that was significant throughout my entire childhood which seems to be much different from what we are now seeing in this modern day culture. I titled the photo “Simple Things” because we often think that we need to gain the world to be happy and that’s a misconception. I used warm colors in post to give it a historical look that would remind me of my childhood days.


The Alluring Pelican

@omie_dre_mckay | The Alluring Pelican ©

Went to Port Royal just to hang out without having the intention to take any pictures. What I always found to be amazing is the fact that I always want to travel with my camera wherever I go. After watching the fishermen doing their daily routine, I was fascinated with the reaction of the birds as they were awaiting the men to reach ashore to get their meal. He said they know when it’s time to get “dinner” and that afterwards,  they stay on his boat for a while. That’s when I took out my camera and decided to snap the moment as he sounded very passionate about it. “The Alluring Pelican” is a photograph of a statuesque pelican sitting on the engine of the boat after it was fed, delighteded with its daily meal.







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